[AH] Analog Delay Chips/Marshall Time Modulator

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

Hey Synthgods.

I finally got my broken Time Modulator back. Some questions
come up as a result. I'd heard that the delay line module 
(epoxied! Damn!) was crystal in nature, not a standard 
charge-coupled delay line (Panasonic and Reticon BBDs). 
Is there any truth to this? When did the Panasonic and 
Reticon chips first come into being? 

I want to know what's in the epoxied modules. I may end 
up having one broken open, just to know (and to spread 
the information, due to the designer's unwillingness to do 

The original design, Model 5002, has two modules, 
which can max out at 100ms of delay. A later unit, 
the 5402, added more delay lines to max the delay 
out at 400ms. Since there isn't room in the same box 
for eight of the epoxied modules, I'll take it that they 
put several of the delay elements in a single module. 
This makes me suspect that they were using standard 

St. Croix, the designer, was the one who told me that 
the delays were crystal, and that the photography 
industry now uses them. Does anyone have any 
thoughts on that? The who, what, when and where?




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