Re: Oberheim MX-1000

From ldavid
Sent Fri, Jan 12th 1996, 19:08

> >Does this thing use Curits chips?  Anyone know which ones?  I wonder if
> >it's the
> >same all-in-one, "voice on a chip" as the Matrix 1000/6 uses; the CEM3396, I
> >believe.
> >
> I'm curious about this as well. I certainly wouldn't want to pay thousands
> of bucks for something that essentially has the same voice as a
> Matrix1000/6. Not that I don't appreciate my Matrix 6, but for that kind of
> cash I'd want something alot juicier sounding. 

Exactly what I was thinking.

> And what's the story on the
> Marion Systems synth ? Is Tom using CEM 3396's on this thing ? CEM 3396's
> and CEM 3372's are my least favored filters (well more than filters but you
> get the drift).
> -Barry
Considering the prices of all the new analog synths, I've casually assumed that 
they use the cheapest voice chips available, which I've assumed to be the 
CEM3396 or some similar CEM chip.  I suppose the development and manufacturing 
cost of doing a proprietary analog voice-chip might be cheaper than buying CEM's 
from OnChip; if you sell lots and lots of synths.  I doubt Marion Systems (or 
anyone else) has taken this route though, mostly because I think the market for 
new analog machines is a tiny fraction of the total synth market (despite the 
zeal of AH types :)  If I had $1500 or whatever the going price is for an OB-MX, 
I'd be thinking Xpander/M12, MM, Serge, Doepfer, etc.  Is the MIDI capability 
of the new breed really that much better than you'd get from a good MIDI>CV box?  

Let's hear from users of these new synths!  Why'dja buy it?  Why'dya like it?

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