RE: Odyssey->2600 Retrofit

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From: 	Mark Pulver[]
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Subject: 	Re: Odyssey->2600 Retrofit

>I post a question to the technical minded (I've thought about ways of=20
>implementing this)..
>Would it be feasible and/or possible to augment an Odyssey to make it a
>The specifications are very close between the two machines, and it has =
>bugging me for the last five years...

In the scope of making it patchable, or in the scope of adding a third =
reverb, the voltage processors, etc?

There's a guy on the East coast, Phil Cirocco, who can do wonderful =
to ARP gear, most notably Odyssey's and 2600's. One of the things that =
does best is make an Odyssey *FULLY* patchable.

Give him a call... He's a great guy and does the work for great prices.

	Phil Cirocco
	CMS - Cirocco Modular Systems
	1522 Eaton Ave
	Bethelem, PA 18018
	(610) 694-8886


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Hmmm... I am about to call him, but I wonder, would it be too much of a =
hassle to add (at least) the 3rd VCO? (I could possibly get the EF and =
the voltage processors from other modules, like Doepfer?)=20

This would be nice, seeing that 2600s are just, too damn expensive these =
days.. what exactly are you paying, for $2700?? (and that is an average =
STREET price! AIGH!), which is what Taggert usually sells them for... =

oh, 'nother question, would it be feasible to purchase a Quadra? (that =
multiple synth/one box thing that brought ARP under) :)

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