RE: ms-50 specs, mods?, prices, etc.

From us008586
Sent Tue, Mar 19th 1996, 14:11

>>I think on my last "conversation" with fEed,both of us might be the only
>>ones around AH to actually have both of these(ms20 & ms50)- unless i'm
>>badly mistaken :-P
>Hey, I'm proud to say that I have both too! Among all tis rich people full
>of Serges, Moogs, Jupiters etc. I have something rare too !!! :))))))

Well, I guess I'll come clean....I have a MS-50 also, albeit a bit modified
one.  I
purchased mine last fall from a friend in Canada for $500CDN (around
$375-$400 US)
and I definately think it is cool.  Some time ago, my unit had a second
added to it (based on the CEM OSC IC) and for some reason, the filter was
with a CEM FILTER IC based design.  I really don't care because just finding one
of these beasts was A LOT of work in itself and all the mods were tastefully
The second oscillator made use of some of the multiple jacks in the lower
left hand
corner, with four pots added below them.  The filter mod was transparent in
that it
used all the existing pots/jacks.  Just the right touch for my bastard
modular setup
which consists of the MS-50, a System 100m setup, and my personally designed
S.E.M. modular.  I also have from the same Korg family, the MS-03, MS-10,
and SQ-10.



P.S.  I do have complete schematics for the beast :)