RE: (amb) Pentatonik?

From Kelley Hackett
Sent Mon, May 10th 1999, 12:55

Actually, Pentatonik is not bad, as Alan suggest, its not piping hot
either.  It does have some classic Pentatonik moments though!

Some one CD-r it for me(damn thanks too).  It gets into the rotation
sometime!  But now, Pentatonik, goes by A-1 People(I believe, something
like that)  here is the web site:

This is really a hard call for me, cuz it depends on what Ya like(I am
sure U know this)---but its really not too bad! I am not good on reviews


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> Subject:        (amb) Pentatonik?
> G'day,
> I've heard mutterings about Pentatonik's "Anthology" 2CD over the
> years,
> but never actually found a copy or heard anything from it. Some say it
> is essential, some say it is like (early) Orbital, some say it is
> ambient, some say it is out of print. Web searches haven't provided
> much
> further info to sort out the confusion either.
> Now, the Deviant Records mail-order web page in the UK
> ( is listing this
> available for UKP15.00 - a bit steep, so I was hoping that someone
> could
> provide more info on this release (ie, its style and quality), maybe a
> few web site pointers, if it is worth picking up, and finally, if
> there
> are other places where I can order this from.
> Cheers,
> Geoff