Re: Micrprocessors used in analogue gear?

From Mark Pulver
Sent Tue, Jul 22nd 1997, 18:04

Tony Clark (10:59 AM 7/22/97 -0400) had said:

>> >Maybe another example would clear things up: would you consider the
>> Doepfer
>> >MAQ 16/3 a digital or analog sequencer?  (Yes, this could be considered a
>> >trick question)  I'm pretty sure it has some sort of microprocessor in it.
>> Oh, yes, you had to come up with the trick one, didn't you? :') It all
>> depends on what's inside (I've never used that sequencer, either). Is that
>> the one with MIDI outputs? I would expect that instrument to have a micro..
>> perhaps it's time for someone with more experience to step into this
>> conversation.. Synthfool? You listening
>   Howabout Sequential's sequencer?  Model 800 wasn't it?  Or EMS's 
>sequencer?  Would these be considered digital or analog?  What's the 
>criteria?  Less than 20 stages?  ;)

I would say that if a uP is present in the device, and if it's presence is
crucial to the operation of the device (ie, it's not just driving a
display), then the device is DIGITAL.

In my mind, this would make the Sequential Sequencer, Sequential
Programmer,  the MAQ 16/3, and many more all digital devices. Just because
they are sending and/or storing analog CV's doesn't drop them into a analog


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