[AH] Synth techs

From synthworld
Sent Sat, Apr 8th 2000, 20:28

Attention all synth techs and gadget builders.

I need something built and I was wondering who would like to do it -- please 
contact me personally (off list).

I need a voltage quantizer that I would like to use with my Moog 960 
sequencer. All I need are half-steps increments (like the ARP sequencer).
If you can put it in a single-space Moog-type panel -- that would be superb.

I've looked at the Doepfer quantizer module and don't need all of its bells 
and whistles; I just want one 1/4" CV input and one 1/4" quantized CV output. 
I don't even need a bypass switch (if I don't want quantization -- I just 
won't patch it in :-)


Zon (Synthworld@aol.com)