Re: analogue V1 #739

From mager
Sent Thu, Dec 21st 1995, 13:40

>I realize the problem with asking these questions is that very few of us
>could afford the 700 and 100M gear (I know I certainly can't).  I was 
>just hoping somebody might have some experience with them first hand.

or even the 100 gear.  I was so close to damning it all  six months ago &
maxing out all my credit for a 101/102 combo.  At first I thought we were
about a 100M system.  Then the seller faxed me some info & overviews from the
manuals & I was still severely tempted, but decided that $1100.00 was just
out of line for the gear, no matter how nice the condition.

It looked like a really bitchin little setup though.  I'm curious if the ring
mod was clean enough
to use for frequency shifting.

It seems like a comparable system to a 2 voice SEM w/ the patchpoints put in
(which is what
I held out for, & thanks ShockAD for putting those points in....)

just rambling, daVed