Re: FS: doepfer maq 16/3 sequencer

From Cord Mueller
Sent Wed, Jan 15th 1997, 21:42

>>I thought the "/3" stood for version 3 which is where they added the 
>>CV/gate outputs and such as well as updating the firmware.
>>Can anyone confirm this or list the various MAQ versions?
>Nah, they have always been called 16/3s.  It has 3 rows of 16 steps.
>BTW, you can get a 3.0 MAQ without the cv/gate outputs, but you have to have 
>the 3.0 OS to get the cv/gate outputs.

I do not think so. I guess the only MAQ 3.0 without cv/gate outputs is the
upgraded one. However, I wouldn't hassle with a Version 2 MAQ. I tried them
both and from what I can say is that the Version 3.0 is doing that what it
predict to do. I had other experiences with the Version 2.