[AH] Re: Plan B Model 15: Connection to System Bus?

From Jan-Hinnerk Helms
Sent Sat, Sep 8th 2007, 20:32

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> Peter Grenader wrote:
>> Matthew Davidson wrote:
>> Jan-Hinnerk Helms wrote:
>> does anybody know if the Model 15 listens to the CV on the =20
>> Doepfer  system bus?
>> Nope. :(
>> Yeah, I screwed that one up.  I'm just about to do a revision to =20
>> the M15
>> PCB just for mechanical reasons as there are a couple of pads for the
>> wires that go to the faceplate which are a bit gnarly for the =20
>> assemblers
>> to reach once the jack boards are installed.  Let me see if =20
>> there's room
>> to add a resistor.  if so, it's no big deal. I intentionally laid =20
>> down a
>> couple of unused traces across the board for this very reason. =20
>> Presently
>> they go nowhere, outside of forging a conductive path across the =20
>> board.
>> All I have to do is terminate one of those where it needs to go on =20=

>> both
>> ends and we're set.
>> No promises, but I'll see what I can do. Thanks for the suggesion, =20=

>> guys.
>> - P

Thanks Peter!

I got one more question though to you and the group: Wouldn't it make =20=

more sense to have the 1V/oct VC input on the M15's frontplate be =20
normalled, so that if nothing's plugged in it, the M15 listens to the =20=

system bus =96 and if something is plugged into it, the M15 gets =20
disconnected from the system bus, and just listens to the jack's input?

I found it a bit of a pain that I am not able to disconnect a module =20
from the system bus when doing more than monophonic patches. Imagine =20
having 2 VCOs in your system, both of them connected to the system =20
bus and always listening to it =96 it means that if you want a =20
duophonic patch in which both VCOs listen to different CVs, you can =20
not use the system bus at all (unless you plan to use CV mixers and =20
inverters, which is a mere theoretical solution). A simple switching =20
jack should avoid this.

Does this make sense?


P.S. OK, the DIP switches ("listen to the system bus yes/no") on =20
Cwejman modules are an improvement, but why do they have to be on the =20=

back of the module?=