Sennheiser Vocoder? PS3200 ? PS3300 ?

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 22nd 1970, 01:00

I just spend 8 hours (it's 4 o'clock am in the morning now)
at a friends studio.
He got a PS3100 there and it was fun indeed. The patching capabilities
are pretty limited (not to say almost useless), but the basic sound
was impressive. I liked the 3 independent resonance knobs !

He said to me, he is now also looking for the PS3200 and PS3300 and I
promised to ask my dear Internet. Now I am doing what I promised.
Any ideas ?

Than he asked me to also ask for a

Sennheiser Vocoder.

It must be rare and expensive as he said, he got one offered for 15000.-DM
(with MIDI, well :-) That is 10000$ !!!
I personally have no idea what this makes this box so worthy, except it
is verry rare and Kraftwerk used it. HAve a look to your basement ! :)

Last and least he said it is the same thing with another offer he got,
the Technos "Axcel" Resynth. It's about the same price range, he said.
Insane !

PS: No, he didn't make fun with me, he already own a lot of expensive gear,
like a maga MAC with 132MB RAM and several GB Harddisk wich sounds
unusable to me. He owns the ELKA synthex (this was for Tom. M. :-)
a 12 voice OBMX and about 40 mono and polysynths.
No,no I can't continue I have to go to bed now,



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