Re: analogue V1 #643-Doepfer News

From Legion
Sent Mon, Nov 6th 1995, 04:21

> Mmmmmmmm.......A vocoder and a pitch-voltage converter.......sounds 
> interesting. Seems Doug at Doepfer US is a good source of information like 
> this. Wish I could say the same for the UK, as all we have is a second party 
> distributer for Doepfer's gear, and they don't seem to know jack shit! :(

Well for the record in my experience Doug doesn't know anything at all 
either. He has no concept of what the stuff does outside of what is 
printed in the pamphlets he gets. However: he's willing to send copies of 
the pamphlets and seem sto return calls and stuff promptly so I'd say 
that certainly is a big plus so far. another good thing is he says when 
he doesn't know  about stuff. If more people did this there would be alot 
less misinfo and rumor grist floating around.