[AH] Modular Synths.

From tsheets
Sent Tue, Jan 23rd 2007, 22:56

I have gotten my new Doepfer system up and running, and the one thing
that keeps crossing my mind over and over again is this:

Why didn't I own one of these sooner?

It is quite simply, amazingly fun to use.  There is really no limit to
the different directions I can approach designing a sound on.  I already
have about 15 different ideas for patches I want to design.  

A few things to note on my first modular purchase:

1.  Patch cords.  Calculate how many you think you will need, then double it.
2.  Multiples.  See patch cords.
3.  Module that made me say "wow!" the loudest:  voltage controlled phase 

Sure, it is expensive.  My basic system ended up costing about $1800.  But
once you have that basic system down, you can add radically exciting sound
processing for relatively cheap with new modules.

Just wanted to share...


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