Re: Doepfer Modular

From in a polyethylene bag"mr808
Sent Sat, Apr 22nd 1995, 23:05

>        These prices are amazing!  I am curious about the qulaity.
>I am really curious, i was going to get a Serge, but if this is reality
>than my $'s will become DM's (sorry, but I on a budget).

Yeah, I'm curious about the quality.  Given that German products have
traditionally been more expensive (at least in the US), I have my doubts.
OTOH, German products have also traditionally been well engineered.

>Im sure the Serge is "better quality"  than the
>Doepfer...  but Serge is a bit pricey too.

>Serge is reasonable for what it is because a
>2600 was 2,600 dollars in 1975 and a Buchla 200 series(full

If you look at the prices of old modular gear, you'll find that Serge is
very reasonably priced (even w/o figuring in inflation).  Not only that,
but Serge is better engineered (and better assembled) than my 2600, and I
would guess MOST old modular gear.

Having done some electronic design & having priced out what it costs to
build something, I KNOW that Doepfer has cut some corners.  The question
is, what did they compromise?

>The Doepfer modular Sounds like the"YUGO" of the synthesizer world!

Well, we won't know until we hear it, will we?

How many people out there have or have owned a PAIA 2700 or 4700 modular?
Do you find it as versatile and flexible as other modular gear?  Do you use
it for melodic stuff?  What I'm driving at, is, can corners be cut w/
modular gear?

>Ahhh but ot might get you where you are going and it does beat walking...
> unless of course you need the exersize d: )

On the other hand, "Life's too short to drink cheap beer".  Is drinking
Budweiser (Doepfer) now preferable to waiting for an Anchor Steam (Serge)?