[AH] Doepfer A-100PS2 Question regarding 230V/120V

From Kenneth Balys
Sent Wed, Nov 20th 2013, 14:28

So I am converting all of my gear over to 230V from 120V and I happen to 
have both a European 230V PS2 and a slightly older NA 120V PS2.

They both seem to have the same torroidal transformer. ie) dual 115V in 
and 15V out.

Is the only difference between the Euro and NA model that the dual 
115V's are in series on Euro and parallel on NA?

If so, I feel pretty stupid as I actually ordered a few new Euro 
supplies thinking they were totally different.

PS: I hold none but my self accountable for my own actions in regard to 
AC power and hold any advice giver blameless as such.