Doepfer A-100 Modular

From Marc Mcnulty (MUSIC)
Sent Fri, Apr 21st 1995, 22:09

	I need to thank Stefan Gruhl for sending me the info on the 
Doepfer A-100 Modular system.  It looks just a Serge (sort of).

	I priced up a system for: $1170. U.S.  It includes:
	3 VCO's ($100. ea)
	1 Wave Shaper ($50.)
 	1 Divider ($50.)
	1 Ring Mod/Inverter ($50.)
	1 Mixer 4:1 ($50.)
	1 VCF ($80.)
	1 VCA linear ($70.)
	1 VCA log    ($70.)
	1 Clock Divider/Sequencer ($80.)
	1 Noise/Random ($50.)
	3 LFO's ($50. ea)
	2 ADSR ($60. ea.)    

	These prices are amazing!  I am curious about the qulaity.  The
modules appear very flexible and nothing is pre-patched except for power.
I am really curious, i was going to get a Serge, but if this is reality 
than my $'s will become DM's (sorry, but I on a budget).