RE: [AH] Re: Comparing to the "real thing" Re: [AH] ultimate modular pat

Sent Thu, Jun 10th 2004, 01:53

I myself prefer to hear strange electronic sounds made
with electronic instruments... although I appreciate
the time and skill involved in making an orchestra
patch I think that that has been done to death and is
kinda cheesy.. of course that is just my opinion  .and
I am not trying to start a war.

I am currently using my Buchla 200 to record an album
of 21st century sasquatch love songs so that hairy
bastard has something to play while he is scoring with
his lady... this thing sounds just like a reclusive
orgasmic mountain ape.


--- panflet <>
> There is little skill involved in making abstract
> sounds. Even people
> with  
> no real clue of how to use an analog synthesizer can
> come up with
> *something.* 
> ----------
> yes but it's a question of aesthetics and personal
> taste,personally I`m
> more into someone who can make interesting abstract
> sounds than someone
> who can emulate orchestral instruments even though
> the latter has a
> nerdy appeal for me as well .
> Also `something` doesn't necessarily mean a `good`
> abstract sound but
> I`m assuming from your post that you don`t think
> abstract sounds can be
> good which is fine whatever you`re into but I don't
> share the same
> view,ner.
> Also in order for me to like an interesting abstract
> sound it would
> probably have to be an innovative patch or be
> manipulated in a unique
> way
> which would require a certain skill for sure.
> Eric

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