[AH] Pro One-No Keyboard /Mods?

From Ross Goniakowski
Sent Sun, Apr 22nd 2007, 16:53

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i've got a couple old Pro One synths w/o the keyboards i was using with a Roland MPU 101 via the gate/cv inputs...i recently got a Pro One with the keyboard working well, having lots of fun syncing the on board sequencer/arppeg with my Doepfer rig...what i'd like to do is access the actual keyboard's input at the circuit board from external cv/gate (on the -no keys-  Pro Ones) as opposed to the cv/gate on the back, so as to be able to use the seq on these extra Pro Ones as voltage sources, etc...

does any of this make sense? actually, any cool mods for the Pro One would be of interest as i'm more inclined to mess with them now i have the fully functioning unit...