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On Thu, 26 Sep 1996, Dean Pachano wrote:

> I'm just curious.  What is available in the current Market as far as midi
> controllable synth's (analog and "virtual analog") .  I have the Pulse,
> Novations, and Nord.  I was thinking about buying the Korg Prophecy in the
> near future but have been hesitant because I understand that the LFO's
> cannot be synced to midi (an important feature I believe in this type of
> instrument).  I know that there must be other instruments out there that are
> being produced.  Also what are the general opinions here on the other
> Waldorf instruments (Microwave and the Wave) and the Ob Matrix1000?
Matrix 1000 is great analogue synth, I think they are still made.
You can edit the sounds via a computer, otherwise the sounds in there are
good enough for what you pay for.

> Please feel free to Email me private.
Here is some new analog that have MIDI,  I'll leave the details for your

Studio Electronics SE-1 (Minimoog clone)
Studio Electronics ATC-1 
Marion Systems MSR-2
Oberheim Mx (I think)
Doepfer MS-404 (303 clone)
Syntecno Teebee (303 clone)
Moog Minimoog w/MIDI (re-release due out soon)

There is some more 303 clones that I forgot what they are called and there
is also the Yamaha CS1x, which is really digital, but is analog sounding
and has a few real control knobs.


> I truly appreciate any response that I get and try and return favors.
> Thanx!
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