Re: [AH] FS: Roland 100m 132 Dual CV Processor, 172 Phaser / Audio Delay

From Bakis Sirros
Sent Sun, Dec 30th 2007, 13:16

ok, paypal may also be accepted.

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Subject: [AH] FS: Roland 100m 132 Dual CV Processor, 172 Phaser / Audio 
Delay, 175 Custom Triple vc Bandpass Resonator modules.

hello list,

i am thinking of selling some rare 100m modules:

my 132 dual cv mixer/processor for 310 euros
my 175 custom triple bandpass vactrol filter module (i think its the 
resonator section of the korg ps3100) for 350 euros (audio clips for this in 
the files section of the yahoo system-100m: 

the pdf manual for the 175 module is here int he system100m forum:

my 172 phaser, audio delay, trigger delay for 420 euros.
let me know if you're interested.
(pics on demand)
(all modules look and work fine!! apart from the 172's phaser "shift freq" 
knob, its the middle knob of the phaser section,
that does not work, but that is easily compensated, as this knob is just a 
cv offset and you can add cv offset by other modular modules to the phaser 
cv input.) i use a cv offset from the 132 for this.

payment via bank wire only.
contact me off-list,

best regards,     :-)

Bakis Sirros
Parallel Worlds / Interconnected / Memory Geist
doepfer_a100 group owner
Athens - Greece