Re: [AH] which synths have noise triggering etc?

From Mike Peake
Sent Thu, Jan 19th 1970, 01:00

Paul Queitsch wrote:
>   I've recently gotten re-hooked on the idea of playing synthesizer.

Welcome! You've found the right place! :)

> I learned 
>while in college on a Roland SH-7 a friend of mine had. the problem is
>they are 
>now apparently scarce. The feature I just have to find that the SH-7 had
>is it  gave you the ability to use noise for all sorts of things ie; to
>frequencies, random  triggering, filtering and enveloping the noise etc.
>could produce all sorts of great effects (small pieces of glass blowing
>and tinkling in the wind etc :-)

-Noise modulation of pitch (all from personal recollection):
Prophet 5s (?)
Most anything patchable

-Noise modulation of filter:
Prophet 5
Most anything patchable

-Noise triggering envelopes:
I can't think of a single synth that isn't modular that has this as a 
routing. Many synths have sample and holds that can modulate 
pitch and the filter, and trigger the envelopes as well (SH5). 
Most patchable synths can do this as well, and allow the 
tinkling in the wind sound (Klaus Schulze did this a lot in 
the earliest records). I used to like filtering noise and amplifying 
it to randomly trigger envelopes in my old PAIA. Popcorn effects!

-Filtering and enveloping noise:
Most every synth that has a noise generator (read: almost 
every analog synth) allows you to do this. 

If I remember correctly, SH7s are going for around $700.00 
right now. A nice, less expensive but similarly powerful 
synth is the Sequential Pro One, which features powerful 
modulation facilities for around $400.00-$450.00. If you 
want more power, a starter Doepfer modular will cost you 
under $2000.00 and will grant you significant routing 
flexibility. The Nord Modular and MicroModular are 
great alternatives if you have a computer. 




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