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From kelly borkert
Sent Tue, Jan 1st 2008, 00:07

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Wow. For some reason I thought this list dead many years back, or perhaps i=
t just wasnt paying dividends?
Memory? Who needs it? patch cords for me now...
Anyway, I thought Id take your time to tell you a thing or two about myself=
, maybe ask a general question.=20
I was just doing a search on kool and the gang/oberheim and saw a series of=
 posts on their cool early output.
What few synths I now have includes the OBX from "Get Down On It". Anyone h=
ave a lead on a tech who might restore this puppy for me? It mostly worked =
when I got it (for dirt cheap on ebay a number of years ago) but no longer.
On a similar tip, and hopefully without violating any rules here, does anyo=
ne know where I can find Michael Bacich and my stolen Oberheim Expander Mod=
ule? You'd think Id learn not to ask for service help online... Dont worry,=
 Im not looking to hurt the fellow. much. Especially if he returns my prope=
About myself, as if it mattered, I used to own a neat pile of equiptment, s=
tarting with a Moog Source, followed by a memorymoog plus, two voice SN#100=
, Avatar, Solus (dont sell your Solus my friend, that filter is worth keepi=
ng and isnt on many Oddys I imagine), Taurus pedals (buy for $100, sell for=
 $650 and cry for the rest of your idiot life) and best/worst of all I HAD =
a CS-80.
Feel free to kick me over that foolish mistake.=20
Now Im left with a Multimoog, Roland 102 and sh-101, the Eight Voice OBX ca=
rcass, and the "Tower of Power" Doepfer/AS/Serge rack here at Electric Land=
lady.  What a lot of fun the Oberkorn and A-155 supply.=20
To think the Memorymoog by itself was more sophisticated...
anyway, a fond wish to all of you for a great new year as we surely look ba=
ckwards for the best in analog achievements.
nice to find my way back here.
i=92m is proud to present Cause Effect, a series about real people making a=