[AH] Problem with Moog Prodigy CV

From Stefan Trippler
Sent Sat, Apr 26th 2008, 08:19

I had my ol' Prodigy serviced. The technician did an excellent job, all
potis working without crackles again, everything clean, stable and tuned,
and while he was at it mounted additional jacks for audio in, gate and cv.
I bought a Doepfer MCV4 Midi-CV-Interface then, but - while gate works -
pitch control via CV doesn't.
I brought the Prodigy again to the technician and there CV worked when
connected to a Doepfer MCV1 and the CV outs of a Waldorf Pulse+, but not
with the MCV 4.
Next I sent the interface back to Doepfer and they say that it works with
several synths they had around.
Now both MCV1 and Pulse* are difficult to get and it would be a tad decadent
to achieve the latter for its CV out only.

Does someone have an idea what else I could try or a hint if another
electrical modification can be made in one of the 2 components ?