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Hi Nick,

I understood he gave a Moog Modular to Pete Namlook some years back-
"Klaus Schulze's Big Moog Modularsystem von Pete Namlook"

As I stated, he didn=B4t give it to him for free but sold it to him. =
Namlook also mentioned this price of 25,000 Deutsch Mark to me a couple =
of years ago.=20

Could be Namlook trying to help Klaus out if in fact he needs help. No =20
one seems to have info on what's wrong with Klaus.

It indeed does look as if Schulze is in dire need of cash. It could also =
be that Namlook got the Moog as an indefinite loan and is now advised to =
sell it in order to raise some cash for KS. I have no idea as to what =
KS=B4 financial situation is like, but hey, this man was married three =
or four times and has three or four children (well, at least two sons I =
know of). KS apparently has completely disconnected himself as an email =
I sent him last week was bounced. I could call him up and ask his wife =
(and leave some best wishes), though.

But I also heard somewhere that he sold much of the one he had during =20
his classic 70s work years back (and used that lame looking wall of =20

Not quite true. KS kept swapping modules throughout the 70s, there were =
some custom PPG modules inserted into slots where originally a 905 had =
been sitting, and the voltmeter / frequency counter was also =
non-original. But for the biggest part, it remained unchanged over the =
years. The only notable addition was the tier of PPG 300 modules that =
were added in about 1976/77.

Anyone know what happened to Klaus' PPG modules?

A guy from Munster, about an hour away from my place, purchased the two =
tiers of PPG modules in the late 80s and refurbished them completely. He =
told me the modules were in dire need of an overhaul.

Though it doesn't bode well considering there were 10 "Dark Side of the  =

Moog" albums already why sell the synth instead of going for a few =20
dozen more.

KS told me he was fed up with it. After working with it for more than 15 =
years, he felt it was time to move on (apart from that, it was in bad =
shape when he put it in a storage room and needed some fixes). In the =
late 80s KS was literally throwing his gear out of his studio because =
MIDI and sampling made everything so simple and instantly accessible =
(and did his musical output no good IMHO). His Crumar GDS for instance =
was in terrible shape because Rainer Bloss had spilt beer and softdrinks =
all over it, with cigarette burns on the keys etc. The SYNCO guys from =
Berlin borrowed it from KS, hoping they=B4d be able to resurrect it but =
no one seemed to be able to boot the GDS computer terminal. Namlook also =
got it and probably uses it as a paperweight (at east, that=B4s what he =
told me). KS=B4 CS-80 was given away to a guy who won an EM award in =
Germany (KS being drunk out of his head did not want to give it away, =
and when I told him that his CS-80 was in bad shape and the owner firmly =
believed it was now his property, KS almost jumped through the phone =
with anger). The PS-3300 was also given away to a band that was in need =
of a synthesizer of some kind, and KS happened to dislike the 3300 =
anyway, so off it went (along with the Farfisa Professional Duo). I once =
asked him to sell me his Mellotron Mk. 5 but, no, the Mini Moog and the =
Odyssey looked so good on top of it (a couple of weeks later a friend of =
mine purchased it through somebody else, at a bargain price... it=B4s =
probably been the best Mellotron, at least cosmetically, I=B4ve ever =
seen). All other vintage gear like Fairlight, PPG Wave, EMS and Mini =
Moog, Odyssey etc. was in storage near KS home (and Georg Stettner took =
care of most of it). Come to think of it, if somebody claims his =
Quasimidi stuff was as good as a real classic (think Big Moog), you know =
how seriously he can be taken. Most of the time I met KS, he was pissed =
out of his head, unfortunately. Otherwise he would have been very =
pleasant to talk to as he=B4s a very witty person, actually.

As for the bid, it only says there's early active bidding. It's early =20
and it's well below what it's worth so there's nothing much to comment =20

I think bids will begin to fly during the last 24 hours before the =
bidding ends. I expect it to fetch something around 12,500 to 15,000 =
Euros. KS told me it was in Linhard=B4s workshop for almost three years =
after Rudi had thoroughly overhauled it (and he was complaining that the =
Moog took up such a lot of space, so would you please come and get it =

Now that I think about it - maybe this is something Pete Namlook got a =20
hold of that Klaus just played and autographed it. It just says it was =20
used on all the Dark Side of the Moog recordings. It says nothing about  =

it's earlier history. Does it match any vintage photos?

Yes, it does, it=B4s 100% authentic. It=B4s the IIIp that was originally =
purchased by Florian Fricke of Popol Vuh and found its way onto albums =
like "Affenstunde", and that was featured on German tv programme "Beat =
Club" in 1970. It=B4s authentic, no doubt about that. The clearest proof =
is that oval yellow sticker on the blank panel that was passed around =
for promotional reasons in the mid-70s, showing KS like on the front =
cover of the original Ohr LP release of Cyborg, reading "Use your =
brain". As for the autograph... I was once tempted to have KS autograph =
the back panel of my Mini Moog but decided against it... 8-)

Hope to have shed some light on this,


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