Re: RE:AH#468-Doepfer A-100

From dpro5
Sent Fri, Aug 25th 1995, 19:50

on Thu, Aug 24, 1995 7:07 PM analogueman wrote.........
can't quite 
 decide if I should invest in a large Doepfer system, or a much 
 smaller setup from Serge (I would welcome any comments on this 
 one :) ). 

  >I myself cannot comment on the Doepfer having never owned any of there
stuff though I here it is good.

Yet i did recently acquire a Serge consisting of 17 modules and have to say
that it is the most unique sounding synth I've come across .
It is very Phat and produces all kinds of timbres that you would be hard
placed to get out any other synth. If you've got the money get the Serge you
can't go wrong .

I guess I might be biased living here in the bay area in Serge's back yard .
Atombee land. P.S. Knox is right the Oscillators are very fat and stable.
       Dave L.

>>>>>life is like a serge you never know what your going to get .