From us008586
Sent Tue, Aug 13th 1996, 23:51

Hi Gang,

I went and saw Meat Beat Manifesto in which they put on a pretty darn
good show.  Jack Dangers and his keyboard player brought a nice selection
of goodies with them on stage.  Here's what I could gander from the balcony
overlooking the stage....               

Jacks Throne:

o  16-Channel Mixer (Probably Mackie 1604VLZ or equivalent)
o  Lexicon JamMan
o  DigiTech Guitar Processor (Big Screen, Big Dial, Numeric Keypad)
o  Kenton Pro-4 MIDI->CV Interface
o  Roland Space Echo (1xx,2xx, or 5xx)
o  A couple of other rack effects probably compressors, etc
o  ARP-2600 minus the keyboard
o  Roland VP-330 Vocoder/String Keyboard
o  Roland Drum Pads
o  Akai Samplers

Keyboard Players Throne:

o  Akai Samplers
o  Korg Prophecy
o  Roland Juno-106 (trigger A LOT of samples with this)
o  A Large Podium Theremin (which was never loud enough in the mix!!!!)

I talked with Jack's wife at the t-shirt table and she said that his 
favorite piece of gear is still his large Roland System 100m that used to
belong to the Human League.  He didn't bring with him on tour but then
again I wouldn't either (I own one as well)....

As usual, the crowd reacted very favorably to the older stuff from
Storm the Studio, 99%, and Satrycon.  I think the new album lacks
a bit in focus and doesn't break a lot of new ground.  But I still
like it all the same :)