Re: [AH] New Modulars

From Dan McPharlin
Sent Mon, Dec 20th 2004, 12:02

>(Honestly, I probably would have started putting a system together 2 or
more years ago if it weren't for >the name.

I think most people have a problem with the name, me included. I put off
getting the .com for the same reason you mentioned - it just looks dumb on
such a classy instrument. I guess the name is good for business and brings
in the customers. Maybe we should start a petition to get it changed to
Arrick. Believe me though, if you're willing to overlook the name, its a
beautiful synth. Looks much better in real life than on the site too,
especially if you get the walnut cabinets. Everything 'feels right' and all
the knobs are in exactly the right place, also  the Q-107 filter sounds
terrific. I'm guessing you'll sell your Doepfer pretty quick :)