Re: [AH] Drum modules for Analogue Solutions or Doepfer systems

From Legion
Sent Thu, Jan 5th 2006, 23:22

While it's not a sound module I think the Concussor Master clock module is
an absolute must (MC01 I think). Great for syncing and subdivisions and

I like the BD88 a lot. Good range in that to make "toms" and even zaps and
things with some creativity. the HH88 is ok as well but I never quite got
the accent and tirgger to do the right thing. Still it's useful.

My favorite percussion module (outside of the discontinued Blacet Dark
Star Chaos) is actually the Doepfer Digital noise A-117. No CV control to
speak of (just a *bit* to sweep the noise source) but IMO it nails good
sound and is a great starting point. 

Actually any VCO with a good solid Sine wave or noise source with
some filtering should get you started into 808 territory. 

hope that helps some.

On Thu, 5 Jan 2006, jeredoll wrote:

> Hi list,
> Im looking to start a modular system just for analog style drums. Anyone
> have any specific modules they would recomend? Im leaning more towards the
> 808 type sounds if that matters. thanks-JereDoll

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