Re: NAMM Report 3

From Michael Dvorkin
Sent Mon, Feb 2nd 1998, 20:45

[q] (I also heard the Doepfer at Mike's; 
[q] it is a very nice synth with a lot of esoteric modules for 
[q] a great price, but to my ears, didn't sound as round and 
[q] deep as even the Serge.) 

well, mike, you should give it another listen. in the patch that I had set
up when you heard it, everything was running through audio divider making things
sound very squarey, hence the harsh ugly sound. Doepfer does sound very round
and deep. 

Back to technosaurus. I came this >.< close to buying one sunday.. But changed 
my mind. Four things I like about their stuff are:

 - good CV control on all audio generators/modifiers. You would not need a mixer
   if you want to modulate those with more than one source.
 - RESONATORS!!! These are the BEST resonators I have ever heard. period. 
   Very nice round sounding. Q control on all three bands. Both FM and AM
   attenuatable modulation inputs.
 - Filters. 24Db sounded way sweet. Very nice pleasent resonance.
 - Great fast envelopes.
 - VERY well built.
 - FM!

Things I did not like:

 - no interesting CV modules.
 - envelopes, whle very fast they dont have any interesting CV controls, and
   no interesting triggerring goodies.
 - Pricey.. Well, still cheaper than Serge :)
 - some modules just were not suppoosed to work and were there just for 
   decorative purposes...
 - accordion players in the booth across..

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