[AH] Doepfer A-100 advice please

From Matt
Sent Wed, Nov 5th 2008, 22:01

I've been thinking recently of putting together a modular & received
some good advice from several of you modular types. I've now decided
that I want to start with a Doepfer A-100 system and, having only ever
used semi-modular synths, am a little uncertain of where to begin.

Would anyone here be kind enough to suggest a good basic starter set
of modules (I saw the Doepfer basic systems, but wish to start with
only the minimum amount of modules needed to get some decent sounds,
which I'll then add to slowly).

My intuition was that I'd need, as a minimum, a 6HU suitcase plus A110
(VCO) x 2, A120 (LPF), A123 (HPF), A131 (VCA), A140 (EG) x 2, A145
(LFO) x 2, A115 (NG), A138b. Have I made any glaringly obvious
mistakes or missed anything essential? And what's a good CV/Gate
keyboard to use with all this? Lastly does anyone have any of these to
sell (I'm based in the UK)?

Thanks a lot!