From majmoog
Sent Thu, Feb 8th 1996, 02:02

Fellow Analogue Heaven crazies, I would like you to extend a welcome
to my friend Doug (TVOD123) to AH. He has now joined on.

Doug has an amazing amount of synths and electronic music background and
will be a welcome addition to the group. He owns several 2600's, Sys100m's,
Digisound, etc.

You may find it of interest that it is Doug's massive 20 panel Serge
modular that is the title pic to my Rekoil page at:


On a related but slightly off rules subject, Doug is also selling the
following equipment and is now taking offers....

Aries modular (the same unit as is on my page above)

Synthi AKS

...maybe a Chroma too w/MIDI

Welcome to Analogue Heaven, Doug!