RE: Ring Mod

From Nicholas D. Kent
Sent Tue, Dec 23rd 1997, 14:09

> Several digital modules have ring modulation on board.  The Boss SE-70 has
> this, but good luck finding one (I've looked for years now, and always end
> up missing them).

It's not very versitile for ring mod effects. you have a built in sine
wave, not separate inputs like a modular. You have to check this out.
Many manufacturers have ring mods in multieffexts boxes/software which
only take 1 input.

Many of the other effects are great though. (I've never been too
impressed by the reverb either, then again it wasn't a particularily
expensive box).

Frustrating since the only other external ring mod I had for couple
years was Arboratem's Hyperprism software. This too only has one input
and a sine wave source.

About the rareness, I suspect that most people who have one are keeping
it. The earlier, less equiped SE-50 is pretty common though.

Unfortunately while parameters can be changed via CCs, no syncing to
clocks anywhere.

As for the Serge...

the ring mod module is $240, It's a 1" module. The way the Serge is
configured you need a Panel/Chassis which holds 16" of modules and is a
solid piece. (no buying 1 module at a time unless you want to buy a
whole other panel). This costs $200 or $225 with rack ears. A power
Supply good for 1-2 panels will run $200.

serious Serge features include a trimmer on the carrier (no VC), but
most dramatically voltage control on a pot that sweeps from no
modulation through AM to Ring Modulation. 

The EML 101 has a similar deal going but you can't voltage control it.
And a somewhat grungy soud.

The Doepfer is a no nonsense module with a pair of ring mods. just "x"
and "y" ins and an out, then the same thing again below. Control free,
but only $95 for a pair (+$315 for the big powered cabinet).


> I know
> an old Quadreverb I tried had frequency shifting

no, analog frequency shifting would not be found on a quadraverb. What
you have there is "pitch shifting" (also called harmonizing, but I
understand that term is a trademark of Evantide)

yes, actual frequency shifting (like Bode/Moog, Serge and recently the
Doepfer, always an expensive module) is related to ring modulation and
sounds different than pitch shifting. (harmonic content is altered)

nick kent