Re: Keybored (was Re: EML Synthkey)

From gacki
Sent Wed, Feb 22nd 1995, 10:58

>>         If you don't have them, I recommend getting some older issues of
>> Keyboard.  The older ones have a wealth of cool ads.  Arp, EML, Moog,
>> Roland(like the 100m), Oberheim.  Just a real inspiration to those who
>> build thier own stuff!
>And don't forget - LOTS of interviews w/ our favorite pretentious 
>bastards, such as Chick Corea, Keith Emerson, and Rick Wakeman - always 
>good for laughs while taking a dump.

Again and again. MR808, we all LOVE this.

BTW, the original posting did refer to older Keyboard issues, probably late
70's and early 80's. From the first issue to 1984 there were no more than
four interviews with Chick Corea. And can you tell me which other artists
should have been covered instead?

Malte Rogacki
"Don't forget to TURN ON THE SYNTHESIZER. Often this is the reason why you
 get no sound out of it." (ARP 2600 Owner's Manual)