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From Legion
Sent Fri, Sep 29th 1995, 18:14

Well I tried to mail this to Todd directly but it bounced. Get a *real* 

I pulled this from RMMS this morning. hope it helps...


Hello from Doepfer US,

The MAQ16/3 analog sequencer from Doepfer has three rows of 16 dials
with LED's , 3 CV/Gate ouputs and MIDI in/out. It's also programmable with
velocity, controller,program change, gate time, internal/external sync, and 
lots more. Doepfer also makes the MS-404, a midi/monophonic analog synth
thats all analog vco,vcf,vca, and the A-100 modular sytem and different midi
to cv/gate/sync interfaces. 

For literature call: 402-894-0384 (Enport) or Fax 402-894-2147.

Douglas Wagner
Doepfer US