Re: Prices

From Benjamin Ward
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1998, 19:03

>> If these prices are for you, check out:
>Ah, This is Sylvain Mercille=EDs page. He jumped on board the analogue
>craze about two years ago as a net broker. His prices have always been
>astronomical but then again that's why he does it. I've never heard from
>anyone who's actaully bought somehting so i don't know what the
>condition/service is like but if you've got the cash he's certainly got
>a lot of stuff..

I agree that some people will pay pretty much anything if they want the
piece enough. I know I have! And familiarisation with what's a rip-off
price and what's not, usually only comes with experience. I paid
=A3(astronomical price sensored by synth police) for the first synth I bough=
in the current era; now I know what they generally go for (from hanging
around places like this list), I obviously wouldn't pay such a high price

We can scoff at how much dealers and individuals are charging, but no one
is holding a gun at a persons head, saying "Buy it!" It's the result of us
making a virtue out of acquisitiveness, I suppose. And I still have to
stifle a yell of frustration when I see how much more sensible prices in
the USA are, compared to over here in Europe. $1500 for a Matrix-12,
indeed! That's "only" 930 ukpounds, probably a third of what the cheapest
price could be here! :-)

>        I've said it before, I'll say it again. Synth brokers need to die.
>Plain and simple. They've ruined the used gear market.

...but try telling that to the person who bid the 4000 ukpounds for that
Korg PS-3300 (and was he even successful?), or 180 ukp for the Moog 3
owners manual, on the last Vemia auction. I thought auctions were generally
supposed to be cheaper than the open market; they certainly are in the
antique furniture trade.

broke again