Re: Sync me! - And much more

From Stefan Gruhl (CIP 92)
Sent Thu, Jan 15th 1970, 01:00

> At 7:07 PM 8/20/95, Ian K Tindale wrote:
> >I'm also intrigued generally by tape sync - if one hypothetical unit
> >generated tape sync, how many others could attempt to read it directly,
> >unaware that it wasn't reading from tape, but another device?

Talking about all the syncing:

I just got a second msy ( doepfer midi to sync interface).

The cool thing is, that it can be adjusted to divide down the midi clock
not only to the roland 24 style, but also much slower.

So I  intend to built it into one EMU module of the modular.
So I'll get one midi in with 2 EMU modules giving me 2 CV's for the modular,

AND: A global clock !

One variable selector will give me midiclocked trigger signals, wouldn't it ?

I read, that the roland sync24 is just 24 trigger signal 5V each measure,
isn't it ?
Getting that divided down to let's say by 6, I'll get the 16th rythm as
trigger signals. Using that to trigger the internal sequencer etc,
will release me of useng a 606 or whatever for sending miditriggers
and timing the whole thing.

easy and should work, what do you think ?

finally I though of another neat thing:
the roldand sync has the midi start stop siganl which appeared to  be just
another trigger.
I will use that to resaet my EMU sequencer as well, so it will show
x0x behaviour and start alway with the beat.


I can feed a EMU trigger pulse into a sync cable giving start triggers to
my 202 whenever I want, right ?

NOONE would have to bother to correct multiples of 96 to get cycling 202
sequences with the beat.
JUst put in what ever LONG se	quence you want and use a trigger 
all 2 measures or whatever to reset ! RESET ! the 202 while running.
so it sett's back rythmicall with the beat.

Will that work ? what do you think ?
A flexible midi to sync module........


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