Re: creative use of CV

Sent Sat, Sep 30th 1995, 20:48

> MAybe some specs tell 10V, but my doepfer gear does 5V and
> I just did test it's output. All roland gear I know
> runs from 5 V and isn't the Roland x0x serie defining sync itself ? :-)

Sure :)  I never read a spec. I just measured my 303 & it puts out 4.41V  
I remember my 808 putting out closer to ten, but it hardly matters.
I could look up the Roland spec, if you really need to know.

> I find the different way round even more interesting.
> Starting by trigering. I am working on that.
> GEt a circuit that stays on if the input gate is on, but shortly
> brakes this state to go down to 0V shortly and rise back in kind
> of a inverted triggering way. This will cause a 202 e.g. to start
> up again.
> Now get this effect started by a usual trigger (like the 909 rim etc)
> and you cen get any sequence of any lenght looked to a running system.
> I have no idea though, how to get this inverted triggering.
> I'll work on that and let you know.

Can you rephrase that?? I'm not sure what you are talking about. Some 
kind of timer circuit??  I can't seem to follow your algorithm.