[AH] Re: [Mini-modulars, was Future Retro XS News

From punkdisco
Sent Thu, Jan 19th 2006, 13:11

"Excuse me if these are considered to not be simple, but what about Analogue Systems' Spawn or Apprentice, Analogue Solutions' Red Square and Vostok, Doepfer's MS-404 - and that's just a few of the European ones! :-)"

Okay, but I bet you can't name another 20!  :-)

But yeah, fair point.. I was referring to the semi modular nature of the XS and I was struggling to think of any competitors.  Clearly the Analogue System stuff is semi modular but the MS-404 isn't (I dont think).  But you are correct, the XS is not alone..

Still, always good to see more analogue gear in the market..  Well done FR!!