Re: [AH] Which analog sequencer ?

From Peter Grenader
Sent Mon, Oct 20th 2003, 23:44

john mahoney wrote:

> The EML sounds pretty great, but the Milton ( is
> pretty ambitious, too. I'd like to see some comments/comparison by somebody
> knowledgeable.

There already is a Milton feature comparison to Doepfer, Buchla and Serge
sequencers on both the Cyndustries and Buzzclick sites.  We've got nothing
to hide!!!

go here:

<<Each step does NOT have a variable hang time, right? Bzzzzt! Wrong, this
is a modular beast. You could certainly use one of the sequences to control
the timing on a step-by-step basis (to VC the clock oscillator). >>

Yes...this is the way to do this.

<<I'd guess that fewer than 400 Miltons have yet been built>>.

I wish

<<They are not cheap, either, but appear to be worth it.>>

Aaaaah...With no defensiveness intended, for what's in them, they are really
affordable.  More than one other modular manufacturer has commented that the
price point is way too low.  Five circuit boards, fully loaded an IC count
of about what...25 , bunch of hand wiring. It's very close to half the cost
of a TBK and while the Serge unit does a few things Milton doesn't, there
are many features that MIlton has that the TBK doesn't.