Sorry about the price

From allert
Sent Fri, Feb 24th 1995, 22:09

Hi Guys,

You're absolutley right about the price but let me tell you that I have
seen people buying them in germany for *$1250* .... I AM NOT KIDDING. Sorry
to annoy, you I guess I just ran into to the wrong forum. Maybe I'll find
some German mailing list. Why we carge so much for it ? As we bought the
thing, we were (and are) great lovers of the Aciiieed. And me companion
bought it for $750. Yes we do want to make a bit of a buck. Hope that's
okay with you. For the rest, as I said you're right. You can buy 4 Pro
One's for that price. In the US that is. Wait 'till I'll get over there
(when I made my millions (sic)), there won't be an Xpander left in the
country. Hehheh.

[Blasphemy mode on]

A very good idea for solid basses are 4op fm synths. Check out the DX 100,
27 and 11 or the TX 81Z or FB-01 (by Yamaha of course). DX 100 are hip
because they set the tone for many of Derrick May's original techno tracks
like 'The Dance' and 'Nude Photo' (Rythm is Rythm) another good example of
*very* solid DX 100 Power Bass is X 101's 'Sonic Destroyer'(Underground
Resistance). Don't say to me that FM sucks, I just *know* better.

[Blasphemy mode off]

The Moog the Source is also a very nice machine of course, it comes very
close to a Mini. We use it a lot for sequences out of our Doepfer MAQ 16/3
Midi Analogue sequencer. It is also very easy to create a Filter cv input
on the Source. Mail me if you're interested, I happen to have the
schematics (or how do you call that in Engelish) for the machine. The
Microwave was the bass machine on Kraftwerk's latest European tour. Need I
say more....

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