Manual for Roland System 100M

From loehr
Sent Wed, Sep 27th 1995, 16:53

Since Monday I am the proud owner of a Roland System 100M (the basic set
with moduls 112,121,130,140, 150 and the keyboard)... I got it for free! It
had been sleeping in somebody's closet for more than a decade, looks like
new and is - as far as I could check - fully functional. After only 48
hours perhaps a hasty judgement - but imho it sounds terrific! 
I know the basics of creating sounds on analog synthesizers (besides
various digital toys I play a Pro One and a Korg Mono/Poly) but in the
field of modular synths I am a newbie and still have a lot to learn
concerning functions and maintenance. 
When I got this system it came without any manual. I am not a technical wiz
but would like to learn more about this machine and its technical side.
Does anybody have something like a manual (for every modul?)? Any 
information about the specs, maintenance etc. would be appreciated.

I heard that you folks at Bode and AH are a very helpful community, so
please, give a newbie a hand!



Marc Loehr
Yamaguchi University / Japan
"Niemand kommt an Gott vorbei...ausser Stan Libuda!"