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From Chris Skerik
Sent Thu, Jan 14th 1970, 01:00

I was pretty damn close too, I could identify several things, nord rack, SE
MidiMini, Doepfer A100(I think it was the vocoder but couldn't tell).
Waldorf Microwave 1, several Akai's, Roland Mixers, Kawai K5000rack mount,
Robovox, Doepfer MAQ 16/3, Regelwerk, some crazy Akai thing that I couldn't
for the life of me figure out, SO1000? I think, and a whole hell of a lot of
effects and patch bays.  I couldn't tell what actual keyboards they were
playing, I know Fritz or Henning, not sure which is which was playing the
regelwerk, and I didn't see any quasimidi stuff, but that was probably the
keyboards, I know Ralf and Florian had keyboards and so did Fritz or Henning
(the other one, not the one with the Regelwerk)( I could see the keys in
their groovy sunglasses during the encores....


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>On Tue, 9 Jun 1998, jowers wrote:
>> For those of you who have or will go see them....I bow at your feet:)  We
>> don't get these kinds of chances down here in the deep south.  Seriously,
>> wonder if someone who has been to the shows could tell me what kinds of
>> equipment they were using?
>three of us flew to SF and then on to LA to see kraftwerk.  the shows were
>absolutely mind-numbing.  we were fortunate enough to be about 5 feet away
>from the Kraftwerk guys.  :)  and despite previous accounts of K-5000s and
>DA-88s, there weren't any that we could see.  what we WERE able to
>recognize was 4 akai samplers (2 s3000xls and 2 s3200xls) and a doepfer
>maq 16/3.  unfortunately, that's about all we could figure out.  there
>appeared to be some extremely high-end tape machine that appeared to be
>sony.  not sure, though.
>each of the guys had their own mixer, so based on the leds on each, it was
>easy to figure out who was in control of percussion, lead lines, fx, etc.
>each of their "command stations" had custom slider boxes and buttons which
>triggered samples.  at first, since the command stations were designed to
>hide what each of them were doing, it suggested that they might NOT be
>doing anything at all, but under our close watch, we could see them
>playing lead lines in real time and controlling which percussion parts
>came and went.  each of them had three or four wah-wah pedals that were
>used for fx processing as well.  nothing vintage was seen...
>keep in mind that there were about 5 or 6 items that were identified out
>of about 120 rack spaces worth of gear, so there might have been a k5000,
>but we certainly didn't see it...