Re: Roland Modular

From Richard Martin
Sent Sun, Jul 16th 1995, 02:23

SuperBad MoFo writes:
> At 1:01 PM 7/15/95, Brian Vick wrote:
> >Oops, stupid mistake.  They were the System 100m cabinets, not the System
> >100 with the speakers and keyboard.
> I wouldn't say stupid - it's just a tiny m.  What's stoopid is Roland
> giving such totally different products such similiar names.

Well, ROland were not the only ones. I have a Yamaha CS15 and a Yamaha 
CS15d... ooops. actually its Ric Miller's.... anyway..... THOSE TWO 
MACHINES ARE nothing ALIKE. zip. zero. zilch.

What the hell were they thinkin' anywho?


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