Re: [AH] Tech info request on Doepfer modules

From Julian
Sent Fri, Feb 8th 2008, 01:08


(What is the reason for the ribbon cable that comes from these units other than to  provide power )

The above link will tell you that the bus also supplies (or can supply) +5v, CV and GATE lines.

(Also, what is the power source voltage for the Doepfer modules )

The same link will tell you that the modules need +/- 12v and GND (and in the case of very few modules, +5v)

This link -

may clarify things even further.

(how can they be interfaced with another power source that does not use ribbon cables)

Right, that ones not on the site, but reading the link on the technical specification of the supply and bus, you'll be able to 
answer it for yourself.

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