(313) Recoreviews, pt 33...

From Lance C. McGannon
Sent Mon, Mar 9th 1998, 06:29

A few reviews for you...<br>
. Richie Hawtin: Concept 1=A0 96 cd (M_NUS)<br>
This is a compilation of tracks culled from the twelve Concept <br>
eps released in 1996 seamlessly mixed by Mr. Hawtin himself. <br>
The styles on this range from weird electronica &amp; ambience to <br>
dubby minimal techno and even one track of silence. The tracks <br>
are very much in the Profan and Studio 1 style . I was lucky <br>
enough to get all the Concept 12&quot;s when they were first released
but it's fun to hear what an accomplished dj can do with these <br>
tracks. 7/10<br>
. Mannequin Lung: The Art of Travel cd (Plug Research)<br>
<i>(I thought i'd repost this review from Recoreview, pt 28 because=20
The Art of Travel just's just been released and because it's so
</i>Joe Babylon and Alan Avanessian, Plug Research label owners
operators,=A0 release their first album under their Mannequin Lung<br>
guise with the help of Raffi Taschian, Divine Styler and John <br>
Tejada on a few tracks. Featured on this cd are fifteen tracks of <br>
superb experimental techno and electronica including the excellent <br>
building minimal techno track &quot;The Silver State&quot; which was on
the recent Plug Research &amp; Development comp 2x12.&quot; Other tracks
of note range from the mid-tempo polyrhythmic build of &quot;Nineveh
820 B.C.,&quot; to the luscious strings of the downtempo &quot;Jealous
Igwanas,&quot; to the e2-e4 sample-driven minimal techno=A0 builder <br>
&quot;The Silver State,&quot; to the sultry slow electro-swing of
&quot;Chai,&quot; and<br>
the basic channel goes disco sounding &quot; At the Car Wash.&quot; The
most impressive thing about this release is the truly unique and<br>
refreshing sound that Mannequin Lung gives each of their tracks.<br>
I've had an advance of this release for over a month now and the <br>
only problem i have with it is that i have trouble picking which <br>
tracks to play out since there are so many good ones on this
An outstanding album for the Plug Research label in '98. 10/10<br>
. Further Adventures in Technosoul limited sampler 12&quot; (Ferox)<br>
A limited four track sampler from the second Ferox compilation.<br>
This 12&quot; contains new tracks from Dan Curtin &amp; Mike Filly,=20
Miguel Gra=E7a, Fusion, and Ian O'Brien. The a1 is a supremely<br>
groovy disco-flavored tech-houser by Curtin &amp; Filly. The a2 is<br>
a soulful jazzy track with a latenight feel and uniquely timed<br>
percussion by Miguel Gra=E7a. The b1 is a funky techno track by<br>
Russ Gabriel's Fusion guise that sounds like it features a live<br>
bassist and drummer. The b2 is a slice of smooth electronic<br>
technojazz that we've come to expect from Ian O'Brien. All<br>
four of these tracks are excellent and leave me eagerly awaiting<br>
the upcoming Further Adventures in Technosoul album. 9/10<br>
. CIM: Series One 12&quot; (Headspace)<br>
A beautifully lush 4-tracker here from the young UK Headspace<br>
label featuring two tracks of ultra-smooth atmospheric techno,<br>
one smooth &amp; funky electroish track touched up by Morgan <br>
Geist, and beautiful electronic piece that builds into a nice<br>
melodic d&amp;b track. Fans of Herbert, Morgan Geist, and Carl <br>
Craig should take notice of CiM and the Headspace label. 9/10<br>
. Grow! For It, Vol. 1 cd (Grow!)<br>
A compilation of smooth tech-house and housey-disco from <br>
Grow! label artists including Glory B, Jeremiah, The Last <br>
Discosuperstars, i-Levels, Alphabet and Maybe &amp; Her Boneless <br>
Sisters. Of the thirteen tracks on this cd, ten have been previously
released on Grow! releases 1-7 and three tracks are new. This is<br>
a nice comp to see what this vienna-based label has been putting<br>
out over the past three years. 7/10<br>
. Human: Island Life 12&quot; (Human)<br>
A neat three tracker of retro-detroit techno from grange, bligh <br>
and sherrif. The a1 is a string-laiden moody track that sounds<br>
like classic derrick may. The b1 sounds like early an early<br>
model 500 or cybotron electro-industrial piece. The ep closes<br>
with a beautiful melodic beatless track. A real homage to<br>
late 80s or early 90s detroit techno by this new UK label. 8/10<br>
. Ampetek: white label 12&quot; (Eclectic-Rome)<br>
Four tracks of experimental electronica and techno with an <br>
early aphex twin flavor to them. The ep starts with a slow<br>
moody breakbeat track. The a2 is a harder breakbeat track<br>
reminding me a little of Polygon Window's Quoth. The b1<br>
is an even faster breakbeat track, almost d&amp;b sounding, with<br>
similar dark synths and atmospheres. The b2 is long SAW II-<br>
like ambient track that slowly builds into a crazy metalic<br>
d&amp;b track then slowly breaks down back into the SAW II-like<br>
track. The winner here is the beautiful b2 but aphex twin fans<br>
would be happy with all four tracks. 6/10<br>
. Inigo Kennedy: Spatial 12&quot; (Molecular)<br>
Some building minimal techno from this producer who has <br>
released material on the Zet and Missile labels. All three<br>
tracks do a nice job of fading several different synth lines <br>
and sounds in &amp; out of each track with the best being the<br>
funky b1 cut. Fans of Downwards, Zet, Sheep and Missile<br>
know what to expect here. 7/10<br>
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