Re: Anybody using Doepfer Schaltwerk ?

From tmoravan
Sent Mon, Jun 29th 1998, 17:00

> I would like to know if anybody of you out there is using this Schaltwerk. I
> want to get my hands on a hardware sequencer, with flexible and easy user
> interface. Schaltwerk seems to be the thing, but tests and other info
> doesn't give me the wanted info. 
> How works programming. Do you program on the Schaltwerk, or does one record
> like on software sequencers, via the keyboard. Is it TR style programming ?
Read the web site carefully.  The Shaltwerk is not really a cv/gate
sequencer.  It is more of a drum trigger/programmer thing.  What I
am saying is that it is not 3 MAQ 16/3 sequencers in one box.  If you
are looking for cv/gate sequencers to program notes on a synth, use
the MAQ 16/3; if you are looking for a drum step programmer (and more)
then the Shaltwerk is the box you want.


Tom Moravansky