New Thread? 101/202

From Frank Sci
Sent Fri, Dec 5th 1997, 09:23

Well, after looking around at the plethora of interesting topics
we have abounding around here on AH today (raver slang/raver bashing 
ect) I figured I could eleviate some of the monotony by interjecting a 
question of my own...

	I've never been a large fan of Roland's monosynth 
gear, but being a relative newbi to electronic (analog) synthesis I had 
my x0x stint much like the rest of us... now days, though,  I'm more into 
functionality (in direct relation to the current market prices of used 
My question is this:

Within the last few days I have been riddled with an odd desire
to purchase one of these vintaj units, but am at a lost which would be
more functional in the construction of uniquely  odd timbres (ya, I'm also
in the market for the Doepfer A100, so that can give you an idea of what 
I'm talking about<--I'm an Synthioholic you might say ;)
In comparison of internal voicing architecture, the 101 and the 202
seem fairly similar... if not exactly the same.... I was curious which
box you (my fellow synth gods) held highest in esteem with REGARDS
TO FUNCTINALITY opposed to price... On paper the 101
seems to be far more superior to it's little brethren in regards to sequencing
... it lacks its counterparts volatile memory, its microprocessor faults (in 
regards to quantization of note data/midi), the lfo seems to be more versatile 

and has decent sample and hold implementation....  So what keeps the 202 
(with such obvious faults) in such a high price bracket on the used gear list 
(ya ya... church of Roland, I've heard it all before... but it seems to me
that when economic considerations come into play, most people would
avoid  useless pieces of equipment and are intelligent enough to 
spend their "blood" on something worth while, not just on a name).

Before I get any flames from old school AHers, I'd like to stress
that I have been on AH for at lest 2 years now (not always vocal.. but there).
I have been through just about every prominent synth archive on the net
(music machines/synthFool ect ect) AND what I'm actually looking for is
to communicate with 202/101 lovers throughout this forum in order to determine
which direction I should put my money in... I've read the 101 vs. 202 page
on music machines, but found that rather uninformative....

Which is your favorite... and why? 

Any interesting antiqudotes to share while gigging/ working on/ playing 
these devices... what would be one thing that you would change if you 
could about these machines (i.e. what annoys you about either of them)...
I'd like to keep this on the level of functionality, no public displays
of idiocy =)...

Your friend,