Re: (idm) Re: Diceman?

From Jeff Gage
Sent Tue, Aug 13th 1996, 00:08

On Mon, 12 Aug 1996, Christopher Miller wrote:

>      That was me who wrote the below stuff about THE DICEMAN.  Anyway, just
> recently an interviewer from the MBM list asked Jack Dangers what Greg Retch's
> real name was... 
> guessed it: `Colin James'.  Thhat means that THE DICEMAN is none
> other than ex-MBM scratcher, DJ Greg Retch!  NOT Richard James.  Let's put this
> to rest once and for all. 

My CD copy of Analogue Bubblebath 3 by A/F/X says that RDJ is also "The 
Diceman"... who's fooling who, here?

> >      Richard James, aka Aphex Twin Polygon Window, AFX and several
> > thousand other names, has only released one track as The Diceman, the
> > confusingly entitled "Polygon Window" on Warp Records' 1992 "Artificial
> > Intelligence" compilation (LP/CD, WARPLP/CD 6).  He was subsequently
> > forced to drop this name when a previously existing Diceman took umbrage,
> > and it's this Diceman who appears on the "Vivatonal" collection (Vivatonal
> > CD, VTTCD 01).  The original Diceman is, to add further confusion, an
> > unrelated Colin James.

Hmmm reading farther into the quoted messages seems to answer my own 
question. "We can all be right together! :) :) " I suppose that lays it 
all to rest...


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