Re: [AH] London?

From punkdisco
Sent Thu, Jan 19th 2006, 09:34

Hi Eric

> I may be in London next week.  Anyone want to hook up for a pint or three?

Good place to visit..  Probably the best.. :-)

> Any good places to go and drool over gear?

Like the other guy said, we dont have any old analogue only shops but Turnkey does have all the modern stuff.  In Turnkey be sure to go downstairs to the keyboard section, you will find a Voyager and a PEK (HOT!)

The main music streets are Charing Cross Road (Tube Stop: Tottenham Court Road) and the intersecting Denmark Street.  There are only about 100meters worth of scattered music shops down Charing Cross Road so you dont need to go too far from the Denmark Street intersect. is handy.

If you want a cool muso night, go to the Spice of Life pub on Charing Cross Road (Old Compton Street[ish] intersect). This is the famous Sex Pistols hang out and featured in the Great Rock and Roll Swindle..  Anyway, downstairs they have lots of music nights. I love Monday's as this (or was..) Open Mic night as you're likely to see the sort of talent that makes you think 'what are the record companies doing?'.