Re: (amb) beware dem cute tin boxes!!!

From ejroda
Sent Thu, May 6th 1999, 13:52 wrote:

> Just wanted to re-emphasize a warning previously mentioned by folks and
> foolishly ignored by me.  If you own any of the Chain Reaction releases that
> come in the metal tins, BEWARE!  The tins are deadly to the cds, causing
> cracks aling the inner ring that, left alone, spread into the actual cd.  It
> rendered one of my cds unplayable, and three others still playable (?!) but
> with unseemly mid length cracks into the cd surface. ARGH!

ARGH! is right.  After Thad's warning, I took out my Chain Reactions.  I've had
one in the bedroom that wouldn't play on the boombox there and I thought it was
the problem of the old boombox.  It turns out to have major cracks, two of them,
going more than halfway across the disc.  It's a coaster now.  The rest of mine
are fine, and now reside in jewel boxes.  This warning is not a hoax.